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Aperol Spritz - Campaign

Aperol Spritz Campaign
Fictional project for Aperol
Discover the essence of summer with Aperol!

Immerse yourself in a vibrant world of conviviality and summer ambiance through my latest creation. This project celebrates the cherished values of the brand and invites you to get lost in a sunny, festive atmosphere.

When you think of Aperol, you instantly imagine moments of sharing with friends, laughter echoing, and unforgettable memories created under the warm rays of the sun by the beach. It is precisely this magic that my illustration seeks to capture.

At the heart of the poster are elements reminiscent of vacations, the beach, aperitifs, and nods to the brand's country of origin. The vibrant and dazzling colors of the illustration enhance the contagious energy emanating from the composition, reminiscent of the vitality of moments shared with Aperol.

Beyond the festive aspect, this poster subtly conveys the values of the Aperol brand. It evokes the simple pleasure of gathering with friends and savoring moments of conviviality. It is this authenticity that makes Aperol more than just an aperitif: it is a summer companion, a symbol of escape and connection.
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Aperol Spritz - Campaign


Aperol Spritz - Campaign