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T-Break/Freestylers Campaign
For the last official T-Break party in April 2010 I've decided to do something more than just a regular posters and flyers design. To stand out from other parties and promoters, something different had to be done.
It was T-Break's 7th birthday. T-Break was a breakbeat line that brought major DJs to Israel, and organized local smaller events, and this time it was decided to bring Aston Harvey and MC SirReal from the freestylers. When we had our brainstorming meeting, the idea if "James Bond" movies came out, and it was decided to make the whole campaign with this look.
I used printed media, internet and video promotion for this event, and I gathered all it's parts here below.
First Teaser for Facebook/Myspace
Facebook/Myspace Avatars.
Facebook/Myspace poster adaptation.
Promotion CD.
CD cover/invitation.
A short and funny comics, which was given as the party invitation, that described the charecters in a humoristic way. Inside the booklet was the promo CD, so people could listen to the music.
A promotion video. It was a take off on another party, a week before ours, with 2 many djs. there were poster all over town with 2 guys wearing paper bags on their heads. We just made a small joke out of it. I guess there is no bad publisity after all.
Entrance Ticket design
First pencil sketches