Getxophoto 2011
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    Poster for Getxophoto the International Photography Festival on the 2011 edition. All made in cross stitching
Client description: Getxophoto is a festival dedicated to photography that takes place in Getxo (Basque Country) and supports the exploration of formats, stands and unconventional exhibition spaces to show the different images.
Brief: The 2011 festival theme was “In Praise of the Elderly”. The photographers show some very diverse facets of this universal life period that is systematically ignored by the communications media, as if such ignorance somehow constituted the secret of immortality. The brief was to create the graphic image for the exhibition representing the Elderly on a simple and not too serious way.
Approach and solution: For the design we thought that the cross-stitch was a great idea to represent the elderly. The invitation came with a needle and thread and we split the texts so that you had to connect the dots with the thread to understand the message. The lines would shape the number 5, representing the fifth edition of the festival.
The poster was designed in Photoshop and then we gave it to a professional in the cross-stitch media in Madrid to knit it on paper. The client loved the design and the cross stitching in a contemporary style.
For the communication pieces we also made a cross-stitch typography for all the sign system. We stitched the Helvetica typeface and photographed it for all the signage and exhibition graphics.
The result was a hand made bold and yet warm identity.