Oribe Shampoo & conditioners Campaign
3D Motion

Oribe, the Rolls Royce of luxury haircare brands, reached us to create a stylized film for the launch campaign of their new product: the Oribe detangling shampoo.

Detangling is about movement, so we showed the shampoo and conditioners dancing into mesmerizing pools of water. we called it “The Water Ballet”

With a sense of serenity and wellness, captured in a light blue, a world full of magical pools and a fairy sunlight, Oribe products are enchanted in a truly playful yet sophisticated ballet, where they dance, jump, spin, float & slide creating the most exquisite choreography!

The catchy soundtrack by our friends from Smider paired perfectly with the edgy editing and animations, bringing the attitude and tone that a brand like Oribe truly deserves.


Agency: Beautiful In Everything
Representation Company: Cartel & Co.
Cgi Studio: Playful

Directed By: Pablo Alfieri
Cgi Produced By: Agustina Santkovsky

Cgi Artists: Juan Coria
, Mariano Abel
, Macs Riedel
, Pablo Alfieri
Rnd Artist: Jose Gallardo
Cg Animation: Macs Riedel & Martiniano Molina
3D Modelling:Mateo Vallejo
Edition:Macs Riedel & Pablo Alfieri
Sound Design: Smider

Thanks for watching :)

Oribe Shampoo & conditioners Campaign