Ligo event poster 2011
''Jāņi'' is the Latvian summer solstice celebration-the longest day and the shortest night of the year-and “Līgo” is the typical refrain of the summer solstice songs. Literally “Līgo” is an action of swinging or swaying.
''Jāņi'' is a Latvian event from 23 June till 24 June. The day of ''Līgo'' and the day of ''Jāņi'' are public holidays, and people usually spend their time in the countryside.
''Jāņi'' is time when the forces of nature are most powerful. People are decorating their houses and lands with birchs and oaks branches and flowers as well as leaves, especially ferns.
''Jāņi'' also is the perfect time to collect herbs.
Also a well-known part of this celebration is searching for the mythical fern bloom, though some suggest that the fern bloom is a symbol of secret knowledge; other wise it is almost synonymous to having sexual relationships.
Another important detail is a fireplace: the fire must be kept from sunset till sunrise.
For me this event is breathtaking, when all my frieands comes to my countryside to have a big celebrations.