Industrial Design
Introducing  NARWAL S1 

The design of NARWAL S1
Adopting simple and sleek silhouettes, Narwal S1 presents a neat yet iconic image to the audience.  It delivers a premium  look showcasing its technological excellence while blending harmoniously into the living space of everyday life. Through considerate CMF selection and refined proportion, the design brings a clear visual hierarchy and refreshing lightness to the environment.
The innovative HorizonTech enables S1 to lie down and clean any lower corners that can be easily ignored.
Simple maintenance
S1 comes with a charging base that allows self-cleaning and hot-air drying of the vacuum. All components can be easily disassembled for maintenance.

Powerful, yet effortless
S1 not only provides users an effortless experience with remarkable lightness and flexibility, but also powerful functions that enable it to erase most types of messes. All details are tailored for better usability.

Design Process
S1 is built based on countless mockups and prototypes. The design process is highly valued by the team, just as important as the end outcome.
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