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HUF Magazine #92
HUF magazine print issue #92: Roadtripping to Nowhere Land
// Edit & Grading of main video, teaser, instagram story 
Videographer: Thomas Kettner
Creative direction: Hair/Makeup: Gunnar Schendera
Creative production: Artists and Legends
Styling: Danielle Solomon
Retoucher: Svenja Blobel
Production: Eric Gukelberger/NordSouth Productions ⁣
Digital assistant: Mirko Lehne⁣
Styling assistant: Philippa Crooks⁣
Casting: Debbie Bacher
Models: Aden A. @ The Circle Models, Chris W. @ 20 Management, 
Julia and Lebone @ My Friend Ned⁣
Location: Dasvlei, Philadelphia, SA⁣
Music: Slipping' by Wolves
HUF Magazine #92

HUF Magazine #92