"I have always been obsessive. Or selfish. It's a fine line." Marc Newson
As part of my journey as a graphic design student, we get the opportunity to work on some really great briefs. This one was really interesting. For so many years now, I’ve been attracted to an amazing piece of art, a silver chair, of which I now know is the Lockheed Lounge. I had never really paid attention to it’s origin until now. It was the design genius of Marc Newson and his obsession with quality and the elements create good design that made it so incredibly memorable. 
For this brief, I created a campaign identity that was to be applied across multiple applications for advertising media and product, for the expressed purpose to, and promotion of, the release of the film about the design ethos and obsession of Marc Newson.
Design a logo, create a tag line, favicon, DVD cover, face and sleeve, booklet, website and mock-up, and an on-line advertisement.
The following pages are from my live presentation and were created as an interactive PDF in InDesign.
They include content, support graphics, layout, logo concept and creation.
TONE: To advance in design with a futuristic and simplistic objective.
TARGET AUDIENCE: Lovers of all things about and by Marc Newson.

VISION: Design for the future.
SIMPLISTIC: Simplicity rather than complexity.
QUALITY: Obsessed with the idea of lasting forever.

Marc Newson describes himself as a gun for hire, jetting around the world fixing peoples design problems with his unique style. 
Biomorphic - Retro-futuristic - Usually curved and rounded shapes.
Molten looking - Science fictional creatures like furniture. Contained.

Red, Black, Yellow and Silver are the dominant colour choices that feature in Marc Newson's designs.
Red: hot, obsession, self obsessed.
Black: quality, exclusivity.
Yellow: warm, bright, futuristic and intellectual.
Grey: cool, silver, metal, sleek and smooth.

Biomorphic, Retro-futuristic. Usually curved and rounded shapes. 
Molten looking, contained and multi functional.

This logo type will stand the test of time in all black, yet with the addition of the colour red to show the beginning of the word Newson, while bringing attention to, and personalizes the individualistic style of Newson to the advertising campaign.
Ego is not a dirty word according to the late Shirl from the popular 70's music band, Skyhooks and neither is obsession.
To me, it indicates a delicious dedication and inner drive to create brilliance beyond expectation. A personal pledge of commitment only some will dream to comprehend.
Newson put the 'I' in obsession.
As the elements of M for Marc and N for Newson could each stand alone, when joined together, they form a shape that reflects Marc Newson’s design style and are completely contained in their own form. This simplistic morph-like shape works beautifully for the application of an icon (small) on the web.
Cover: Simplistic, contained and a multi-functional object.
As a fold out concertina style stand alone display piece, it will not only securely store and protect the DVD, it will also contain a 12 sectioned fold out poster style information booklet.
Perfect for lovers of all things Newson.
They can’t afford to own an original, so this is the next best thing.
Simplistic, contained and multi-functional.
Fitting neatly into a red labeled booklet sleeve that features as part of the design and concept of the coffee table style book cover as before.
The layout has morphed from the design inspiration of the bright yellow Marc Newson ‘Orgone Pod Chair’ from 1993.
As a key element to link the layout of the booklet to the design ethos of Marc Newson, there are specially aligned shapes that guide the enthusiast through his design life journey.
I wanted to stay consistent with the major design elements of colour and shape, so it was a natural choice to put a clean, simplistic yellow circle around the perimeter of the DVD. With the use of Yellow through out this brand identity, I have included it in the Hillman Curtis Films logo.
To celebrate the release of the film about ‘The Design Ethos of Marc Newson’, filmed by Hillman Curtis Films, there has been a specially created red metal Lockheed Lounge, which features on the website and on the other advertising and promotional material. It’s a key piece that all fans of Newson will identify with.
This advertising banner includes a gif and forms part of the promotional package for the DVD. It is designed to drive on line traffic to the website where the target audience can purchase the Marc Newson DVD.
It is in keeping with the ‘obsession’ colour theme and simplistic design style. With a far right placement of the moving image (gif) that smoothly rolls along like a Hillman Curtis Film and features 35 alternating png graphic frames of the cover, DVD, Marc Newson portrait, key words and the logo.
With each branding, I always return to the core of what I'm wanting to communicate. In this case, it's all about Marc Newson, his philosophy, obsession and his design style. I wanted to reflect beauty in the simplicity, emotion in the colour and the quality of a timeless object. All is smooth, flowing and continually contained within itself. This branding is an exemplification of the brilliance in which Marc Newson designs. 
Selina Kidd
Graphic Designer
Gold Coast, Australia
Marc Newson

Marc Newson

Create a campaign identity that will be applied across multiple applications for advertising media and product, for the expressed purpose to, and Read More