Sony Ericsson C905
Cybershot hero

I was part of a design team responsible for the Sony Ericsson C905 in my role as Senior Industrial Designer at Sony Ericsson Creative Design Center. 
The first product in the Sony Ericsson Cybershot range was the very successful K800 in 2006. The K800 was really the first mobile phone with good lens, sensor and a proper xenon flash. Added unique functionality as mobile blogger (for sharing), an active lens cover, compact size and Sony’s Cybershot brand made it a very strong package.
The Cybershot range was expanded in 2007, and planning started for a successor to the K800. From product planning side it was already decided to go for a sliding form-factor instead of a stick form-factor. A slider makes it easier to have a larger display and a good keypad usability at the same time, one of the difficult elements of mobile phone design in the pre-tablet days. A slider form factor will, in most cases, make the phone thicker because of the slider mechanism (2mm +) but the overall length can be shorter and overall footprint smaller than a stick-phone.
Cybershot has a heritage founded on stylish and elegant design. I wanted the C905 to be a perfect camera and a perfect phone. When closed it should be as good or better than a compact camera, but when you need or want to use the telephone it should be equally good as a phone. In order to achieve this and communicate this, I decided to go for a basic shape and construction inspired by cameras.
The oval-shaped sidepanels gives an indication to the horizontal orientation of the Camera UI, while the unique camera door is the signature design element of the C905. The camera door activates the camera, protects the camera and on the C905 its integrated in the main shape so its one sleek, compact unit. The lower part below the camera door is pressed in when the door is opened and the camera door slides down in one smooth motion. The keypad is generously sized and the design follows the same overall expression.
The color and trim on the C905 is more expressive than on previous Cybershots, drawing inspiration from digital cameras. Apart from the standard black and chrome version, we also designed a ice-white, pink and gold color for the launch in 2008.