Lego The Hobbit
Print Ad Campaign
Lego The Hobbit video game project consisted of creating a teaser page and 2 images that helped depict the epic feel of Middle-earth plus the roster of characters in the game.

Teaser Ad Thumbnail Comps Progressions 
Final Render Teaser Image
Background plate from the film was provided for use as backdrop. 

Vertical Print Ad Image 1
I provided 2 comps on my end.  The montage concept was chosen before proceeding to color.

Here, I setup the scene by posing and matching up the 3D character models with the approved comp.
Build rocks and rapids to match the comp.
Smaug has a much larger head then anticipated.
Fast forward and here is the final composite image with all rendered elements.
Horizontal Print Ad Image 2

Here is a brief visual breakdown.  I was given a rough comp (not shown) to work from upon creating this piece.  The scaling and character size relationship in the comp was inaccurate.  In this situation, it was not neccessary to match it precisely like I did with my 1st vertical ad image (above).  In-game character models and background elements were provided by the game developer.  Before posing, all character models required a few days of prep work with having to add custom shaders and surface textures to create the look I am striving for (the same technique I used for Lego the Movie The Video Game project). 

Character lineup was a challenge to fit everybody in and to make each one of them look interesting and fun.
Smaug lair background was just as complex in its own way.
Photoshop Key Layers (condensed version)
Smoke haze efx.
Repeated the pillars to create more depth.
More smoke efx and color adjustments.

Dragon raw-render layer added on top.

Expanded ground to the left and right side and increased the crop area to allow breathing room for the foreground characters.  Contrast and lighting adjustments to overall layer.

More haze to separate between the background and foreground elements.  Added more contrast to a chest for one of the dwarves to sit on.

Each character is on a separate layer along with ground reflections to allow for minor edits if I need to shift them.  Also added some coins on the ground.

Painted the shadow layer for the foreground characters.  Looks like a mess by itself.
Works much better now.

Before placing in the characters, I rendered out a separate pass of the floor with a minimized reflection of the background so it doesn't reflect to much of Smaug, coins and pillars.
Final Composite Image
Misc And DLC Images
Here is a set of visuals that was created for the WB's internal marketing team presentation to depict one of the game play features that allows your teammates to stack on top of each other to achieve tasks in the game.
Below are a few images created for DLC cards for The Hobbit video game.
Weapons DLC Card
Characters DLC card 1
Character DLC Card 2

After completing this image, I was sadly informed that the image doesn't apply to the DLC content, therefore this was never used.  There was a miscommunication of which character to use.

Basically, I just have to swap out the Snow Troll and replaced with the River Troll and changed the background.  Visually, I do like the snow version better.
Lego The Hobbit

Lego The Hobbit

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