The Save the Date image that was going to be sent 2 months prior to the event.
I had the serious misfortune of working for an "agency" that ripped me off by not paying me, had no contract with me in regards to the transfer of rights, and sold the rights of my design without my explicit consent, nor did I see a penny of their terrible mis-handle (downloaded a contract from the internet without checking the transfer of rights clause).
In any case, I created this design from scratch based on what we had thought was what the real client desired, but in reality it was the middle-man's wishes (the event organizer)
So, if you see this design in any other place but here, or not under my name, I swear this project was made by me, from beginning to end, with the assistance of my husband in the creation of the website that was going to host the interaction of this invitation.
So, I decided to change the name of the company, I did this so as not to bring visible shame nor links to who they are. They seriouly had no idea of rip-off in place.
So for the sake of this episode, think of this company named as:
ALBA and it's celebrating 50 years of existence.
The invitation image that was going to be sent 1 month prior to the event.
After clicking on the image above, a link opens and shows the floating, whimsical envelope waiting for the user to click and open the invitation.
Then after clicking, the envelope would push down, and the invitation could be pulled out by clicking and dragging upwards. After it was done being read, the text would dissapear and an RSVP form would show up.
The Thank you image that was going to be sent 1 day after the event.
Unfortunately, instructions given to us for an INTERACTIVE INVITATION were not well received by the actual client; and after much trying, back and forth, it turns out that they wanted a video.
The interactive request, was by the middle-man party and not the client itself.
So, what do you say to the God of terrible Communications and Agreements?
Maybe today, but never again.