Missing the Boat Ad Composition
Published in Hanley Wood's ProSales Magazine in July 2011.

The Smart Vent Team had requested to see an image of a man stranded on a dock as a ship full of people sailed away. When I started the project, I searched for stock photography that communicated the message exactly, having assumed that "you're missing the boat" would be a common concept captured by photographers. After quickly realizing that nothing available suited the message we were trying to communicate, I began collecting images to create a composition.
The first image I chose, titled "Future", was of a man staring off into the horizon. The image provided a great base to use, as it fulfilled two of the three requirements.

In the final image, I added choppy waters from other stock photos to give it more of a dangerous feel, as aopposed to the relatively calm water shown in the picture above.
After looking at many stock photos of cruise ships (any of which showed the front of the ship), this image was chosen because of it's low camera angle and its unique shape.

Even though the camera was positioned at the right height to match my composition, the angle needed to be modified, and the lighting had to be adjusted so that the back of the ship wasn't bathed in sunlight.