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The Fortune Bird


ISTANBUL DESIGN BIENNIAL'12, İstanbul.. İstanbul.. Chance, Chaos, Coincidence
Yeditepe University, Istanbul Design Biennial Exhibition


"Fortune Bird" is related to lottery ticket and this photographic work relates to İstanbul and chance connection. 

Hope is one of the sweetest feel that life gives us. We hope and imagine. It reinforces our connection with the life as communication does between humans. You never know when the luck strikes.

Let's give hope a chance and let's imagine. Let's go to history encrusted Eminönü. Let's buy a fish bread and walk through under passage. Yeni cami invites us to sit on its the steps and (Bird dropping is considered as luck in Turkey.) Angry? Or is it lucky strike? Like İstanbul does. Finally you head to the crippled lottery ticket seller and buy a ticket. Bonne chance!

Have a lot of chance. Welcome to Istanbul.

Thank you for watching!

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The Fortune Bird


The Fortune Bird

Istanbul Design Biennal at Yeditepe University to prepare a concept to Istanbul.. Istanbul.. Chance, Chaos, Coincidence..


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