Tom Throp - Video Editor @ Zygo Media
Below are embedded some videos I have edited for various clients as part of my Video Editor role at Zygo Media over the last 3 years
Firstly, this is one of many YouTube shorts I have edited for TimTheTatman, showcasing working with different formats, for various sites and creators.
13 million+ views and 800,000+ likes across YouTube and TikTok

Smaller creators too, such as this video by BPala, talking about setting up an overhead camera for content creation.
Colour grading, audio editing and subtitling are among my skills, usually done directly in Premiere but also have experience in After Effects and regularly put together thumbnails in Photoshop.

This CohhCarnage Short is an example of one of many of the videos I have edited for his TikTok channel.
The CohhCarnage TikTok channel has grown from brand new to over 90,000 followers and 6 million likes in just over a year, the majority of videos on the channel are edited by myself. Similar content on his YouTube Shorts channel has done equally as well, with the most popular videos each accruing over 1 million views.

This StoneMountain64 also has a counterpart on Facebook, showing the knowledge and ability to adapt videos for whichever platform, format and aspect ratio is required.
Part of my role also involves optimising, titling and uploading videos to various sites, which shows an understanding of what's required to make a video successful outside of just clean editing.

This Sonii Classic World of Warcraft Video shows a video combining six different video and audio sources, showing an ability to work with more complicated videos.
Pacing, storytelling and context are important to understand when editing a video like the above, I have an understanding of all of these, especially for shorter YouTube and Tiktok-based content.

I have edited a lot of videos recently and am proud of every one of them. I have created a trailer previously used by Zygo Media themselves as a pinned Tweet. I have streamed video games in the past on Twitch, and have showcased clips on TikTok and YouTube.

Both gaming and Video Editing are hobbies of mine and I am very fortunate to be able to turn them both into a career. I look forward to learning more and creating more fun content in the future!

Video Editing

Video Editing