A custom web design and photography solution for an organic e liquid manufacturer.
The Story
A while ago, I was doing some lighting tests of some vape juice bottles to show a client, and I ended up really liking some of the shots that came out. Naturally, I decided to post some on Instagram.
This was one of the shots from my ighting test. I also decided to post it on my instagram.
In these pictures, I also had a vape juice bottle I took a picture of. After a round of hashtags, I just so happened to tag the company (@organliq) on it too. Within a few hours, I got a comment:
Nevermind the fact that I only got 13 likes.
Getting Commissioned
After messaging back and forth a couple of times, the owners and I met, and decided that we would be a good fit to work together.
They had a specific vision for their website, and really liked my work for  
La Buena Market, a grocery cafe in fullerton. The owners of Organliq wanted to reflect the same raw, organic branding of their bottles on their website. 
To make their vision a reality, I serviced them with the following:
• A website that was visually pleasing, easy to navigate, and easy to manage.
     • On this website, I also installed a pop-up that warned people that the site was only was people of 18 years of age or older, as well as act as an opt-in page that encouraged visitors to sign up to an email newsletter.
Professional photography that properly and effectively displayed their bottles in a very pleasing manner, all while minimizing reflections on the glass bottles themselves.
• eCommerce Capabilities that let them sell their products online, manage inventories, and enable sales and discounts for their online following.
The Process
The first step was to do soem research about Organliq's branding and vision. After a round of questions with the owners, I made a mockup for their approval. After getting the go-ahead, I started with the design.
The mockup I sent to Organliq before I fully started on the design process.
Some BTS shots of the photoshoot for the Organliq bottles!
Yet another BTS shot
Wrapping Up
Once I finally finished the look (props to the owners for finidng the backgroudn image for the site), I showed it to them with fingers crossed, and they loved it!
The finished frontpage of
A products page for
One of the completed shots for the website!
This is how my process with client projects normally goes. I have a lot of fun doing what I do all while giving my clients a lot of value.
You can take a look at the finished site at Organliq
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