The Figure 8

The Figure 8 is a database film that explores the connections between stories and the people that tell them. Created using the software Korsakow, the film presents a collection of personal stories that allow for viewers to navigate the database while exploring the connections that create the paths between them. The structure of the database draws upon the idea that there are only eight stories in the world and all others are a derivative of those eight.

The people in the film were asked to share any story they would like to tell, with the only constraints being time and that they tell a personal story of their own. With the people in the film being the focus of the project, the lack of constraints is designed to allow for the choices of what stories they tell to be another piece of communicating their personaliti These stories are then tagged with which of the eight plots they relate to and connections are then made with other stories in the database that share those same tags. Through these connections viewers are able to construct a narrative path more suited to their own interests.

The eight basic plots:
Sacrifice, Rise and fall, Transformation, Revenge, Chase, Quest, Romance, Competition

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