BIOTUD Application - Nervous system
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    It's an application about human body for students. This part is about the nervous system.
This application was a homework assignment. It was meant for graduate students, as a part of a biology book. We split the different topics from the book among the students, and I got the nerve system as my topic to elaborate. We strictly had to work on the visual aspects, therefore few illustrations in our own style, a logo, and we had to come up with a solution for the menu. As a starting point we had Tinybop "Human body" application, created by Kelli Anderson, with the difference of us having to convince 17-18 year old grads to use it as a help for their studies. All this in fiction, of course.
I chose the most familiar technique for me, the paper cutting. So far I've been dealing with the layered and highlighted solutions, but I would like to experiment more on this field. In this case I chose the layered solution, so that the results and the informations could be as transparent as possible. I tried to use as little text as possible considering that the textbook has all the study material. So, this is the result.
Sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves
Nervous system - manual papercut illustration
Work in progess