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    Screen printing done for assignments and for fun.
Screen Printing

Some of the various prints I did for class and some for fun. More to come soon.
We were to flip to a random page in the dictionary and point to a random word. This was to be our theme. My word was "decay". Print is on completely recycled paper, essentially other decayed materials.
Our task was to find random objects, scan them, and use them in our print. Mine ended up with this 50's housewife feel.
This print is for my father. He used to tell my brother and I this poem when we were quite young. I always had such strong visuals going on in my head for these words, it was great to be able to put it to paper.
Group Project. Theme: 2012
Theme: Mobility. Task was to create a double page print using our own photography. I chose to do mine on "To Kill a Mockingbird".
Instead of hunting for the perfect Mothers Day card I figured making one would be best.