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OSTvue // UX Concept // Watch Music (2015)
OSTvue / 'Original SoundTrack Viewing'
When you hear the LION KING’s opening song, ‘that thing’ probably happens to you -
You are reminded of all those animals walking as the sun rises, when Raffiki lifts Simba up high and proud making all the animal kingdom bow down for the birth of the new prince. 

For that exact experience Movies' Soundtracks are my favorite genre of music. It is a genre of music that is made for 
triggering visual memories from sound and melodies from scenes.
It is a genre that has both a variety of emotions and music styles from Jazz to Symphonic to Electronic.. Composed for Suspense, Love, Power, Humor....
/// LOGO ///
A colorless logo that works on any video background
/// WEBSITE ///
The website is the main item of this project.
1)    A always-full-screen video player to give a maximum visual impact.
2)    A video player that acts the same as a music player.
3)    A visual playlist that knows how to introduce the user to new music.
4)    A place to browse music by emotions the same way we do for genres.
5)    A user interface that doesn’t block the visual experience.
6)    Connect the music to the movie timeline.
- optimised for Chrome/Safari (desktop) -
/// Campaign ///
/// MOBILE APP ///
It works the same way as the website's playlist and comes with the video and controls on top.
You get the full-screen experience while allowing to control the playlist by pressing the logo on the bottom left.

- optimised for iOS7+/iPhone4+, many recent Androids (chrome)
or desktop by resizing the browser window -
The portrait mode has all the information clickable about you on your picture blurred as background. You get an invitation to see it in landscape mode and a button to share easilly.
Landscape gives us a taste of the website. A full-screen video or GIF of the person, followed by a music theme that he likes or fits him giving a whole new experience to what we get from traditional business cards.
The business card is digital for a few reasons.
It fits the project
The whole OSTvue service works as a full screen video with sound. Being digital allows me to do so.
Easy to share
Press share to share by SMS or e-mail.
Unlike print, it’s updatable so we never have to reprint it.
No volume
Being in your smartphone, it takes no volume in the wallet removing the problem of holding too much business cards.
When the bookmark is saved as an icon, it appears always on the homescreen - the place we look about 150 times a day.
/// 3D SPACE ///
The goal - ​​​​​​​Creating new soundtrack music lovers. 
Everyone has a movie, a game or a show he loves. You can find on one of the screens your favorite show, take the headphones, and experience the soundtrack.
OSTvue // UX Concept // Watch Music (2015)

OSTvue // UX Concept // Watch Music (2015)

My diploma's final project. As a soundtrack music lover, I wanted to do a 'space' for visual music. -------------------------- Help sources like Read More