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    some samples of products I have designed and developed
There are a lot of elements to consider when designing sports eyewear. first: fitting the aesthetic of the design into the character of the brand.  Second: fit and function of the structural parts of the glasses and there materials. Third: the tint, tech, function and aesthetic of the lens are critical to enhancing the experience of the user in specific environments. here are a few examples that go from concept drawing to full commercialized product. some of these items have elements that were global first to market and have elevated Ryders brand image.

Axiom pannier bag. I designed all 30 of the 2011 line from the ground up. For the six years I purchased bags for Norco I traveled to the factory twice a year to work on new bags and technologies
Here are a few different views of the type of 3D model. Using a 3D model with a detailed BOM made it that first samples were close to production quality. Speeding up sample time and cutting sample costs.
I looked after Norco’s Axiom brand and Mace brands helmet programs. This involved travail to all factories twice a year, and doing all elements of bringing a product to the market. Everything from design of new helmet molds, to buying available models and adding branding and packaging.
Along with purchasing armour from 661 I also worked on developing armour for Norco's proprietary brand mace. This included market research into new materials and styles of protection, R&D testing of samples, acquiring CE approval, and travailing to see the overseas makers twice a year.
This Mace armour used a special material D3O. the material is called a “smart molecule”. Basically the material is soft in normal conditions, but when it is impacted the force drives the molecules together and the material becomes hard.
At Norco I not only purchased gloves form our distributed brands I also went to the factories to work on products for Norco’s Mace and Axiom brands.
Norco’s Brand Mace also has a full line of casual look performance bike wear. I traveled to Korea and China twice a year to work on development of clothing and sourcing of fabrics.
Norco’s Brand Axiom has a saddle system that uses a “pelvic self” technology. This system puts pressure on the sit bones rather than on soft tissue areas. The designers of this technology are SQ lab from Germany. I modified the saddle designs and created all packaging and fitting instructions for the north American market.
first generation Axiom sq packaging (back side)
For Idun I did all design plus ran the domestic, and international productions. These are some line drawings of “Custom” pieces.