Fleeting Landscapes
Landscapes can have a certain ephemeral quality, 
especially when we hold on to them in our memories. 
Places often don’t look the same as they did when we first experienced them. 
Roads may be longer, forests might be darker, skies become cloudier. 
The images fade, and sometimes they go away all together.

The Holga camera, with all its imperfections, provided me with a way to portray  
landscapes with regard to the imperfect expressions our memories note.

The images in this body of work are my places - my fleeting surroundings. 

They are my pictures.

I’m giving them to you, because surely they won’t be the same when I go back,
and most likely you’ve also seen them in your own fleeting landscapes. 
Deep Creek Pasture
Knowles Peak
Arrastra Draw
Mill Creek
Passage Creek
Red Mountain
Sacajawea Lagoon
Yellowstone Riverwalk