Creative Creatures

The mission of The Creative Creatures Educational Kit is to provide educators of the first through third grade level, an opportunity to incorporate creative exploration and the arts into the classroom in harmony with the modern curriculum

Every child has a natural, innate ability to see the world through the lens of creativity. The Creative Creatures Educational Kit seeks to defend this creative sense as a necessity in the education system, to show the impact and value of its use, and to advocate and incorporate the arts in education. Each of the five Creative Creatures (Toober, Zoink, Pip, Bot & Mo) encourages a unique aspect of creativity, namely: music, art, performance, invention, and writing. At the beginning of the week, one of the Creative Creatures will be selected. This Creature will provide a creative theme and some brainstorming tools to inspire a daily warm-up project for each student and may be incorporated into any classroom activities and lessons as the teacher sees fit.
Creative Creatures: Full Kit
Creative Creatures: Teacher's Kit
Creative Creatures Teacher's Kit Contents: Teacher's Guide, Creative Tools Drawer, Creature Dice, Prompt Cards, Creative Sparks Idea Cards, and five Creature Posters
Creative Tools Drawer Contents featuring Creative Creatures Prompt Cards
Creative Tools Drawer Contents featuring Creative Sparks Idea Cards
Creative Creatures: Children's Kit
Creative Creatures Children's Kit Contents: Creative Workbook, Prompt & Idea Cards, velcro detachable pencil box with Creature Erasers and writing tools