Client: ARTiculate: Real&Clear
Various works for an high-end artsy communications coaching company.
Created: 2014-2015
Industry: Professional Services
Project Duties: Print Design, Digital Design, Experiential Design, Editorial Design, Branding, Marketing, Marketing Materials

This marketing card is a custom rip card that is perforated in two different places. The top of the card is designed as a keepsake, complete with tips reminders and a place for notes on the back. The bottom left is a tab that the person can use to give the company their information to sign up for the newsletter, request a free consultation, sign up for upcoming event information, or to request a speaking event. The bottom right is a business card complete with company contact information and a list of services. 
Printed on matte cardstock, this pitch card was a give away for a speaking event.
Graphic created for educational materials.
Stand up banner created for tradeshows, speaking events, and other events.
The following graphics were all created for use with accompanying blog posts and subsequent eNewsletter blasts and social media posting.
Web graphic that accompanied an article by ARTiculate: Real&Clear in which Diana Dresser talks about the fact that spring cleaning is not just for our homes, but also important for all aspects of our lives, including presentation habits. For some reason, spring cleaning always thinks of advertising from the 1950's. Maybe I associate spring cleaning with housewives, or maybe it just has a nostalgic feel to me. To illustrate Diana's article, I decided to mimic that nostalgic feel, while also trying to add some whimsy. The result, I think, is classic and fun.
We went a different direction on this graphic- more of a "mixed-media, art and poetry book" illustration style. The article that this was made for, called "Let's Be Honest: Listening to Our Voice Can Keep It Real" by guest blogger Alexandra O'Connell, is deeply rooted in the idea that in order to really "find our voice" we have to be accepting of honesty. Alex' writing oozes imagery, which made it relatively easy to come up with some ideas for the illustration, but I wanted to push the boundaries a little bit more and start putting a little more "ART" into these graphics for ARTiculate. 
The result depicts a tree growing tall out of a broken landscape made of rock and dirt. In some research, I learned that trees can be a symbol of honesty. The tree is also made of a sound wave, symbolizing the voice. In other words, a voice grows from the rubble of honesty's earthquake.
We all know effective communication skills are good for success in life, but, sometimes, it can even be a matter of life and death. This is true of the story of Antoinette Tuff, which is told through the eyes of Diana Dresser, one of ARTiculate: Real & Clear's vocal coaches, in her latest blog post. I was tasked with creating a graphic from the phrase "Love the voice." While some pieces of ideas were thrown about, this was the main piece of information from which to formulate my design.
We talked about utilizing a "kid drawing" quality, which lead me to bring up hand drawn Valentine's Day cards, as the holiday is fast approaching. The resulting graphic was created in Illustrator utilizing the Artistic brush set and my skills of drawing with a mouse.
The point of Diana's article is connection: both with our voices, and utilizing our voices to connect with others. This is why we "Love the voice."
For the holiday card, I was asked to add in some festive flair to the already composed graphic. At first, I was totally blank. What would be universal and more related to the start of a new year, and less sectarian? The most prevalent subject was snow, so I started out by adding in snowflakes from a stock brush set. I wanted to really push myself on this project, however, so I started to play with creating my own graphics to add in to what was already there, including the candle (created in Photoshop). The next logical step was to make the face into a snowman (utilizing shapes and gradients and then warping them in Illustrator), creating a hat for the snowman in Photoshop using the same principles that I learned from making the candle, and then adding the scarf on the "o" by hand drawing paths, overlaying the plaid, and using Mesh Warp.
Something was still missing, however, and I struggled with what to do for the first word, "Voice". I knew I wanted to add in fireworks, as they are so ingrained in the New Year's tradition. I played with having the fireworks jump out of the "o" in "voice", but that looked too different from the rest of the card. After version 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and probably 10, I finally started to play with the layer style of the fireworks, creating all these different effects with how the fireworks laid over the lettering. The result was exactly right- a soft overlay to hint at fireworks without distracting from the rest of the image.
The above graphic was created for the front of the 2015 Holiday Card sent out by ARTiculate: Real&Clear.