A Social Awareness Project

Whatsoundsyourmind is a project that aims to raise the awareness on social networking problems. The website of the project is an informative, sampler one which aims to get people to be aware of the problems that can be faced during social networking. It basicly aims to say stop to be aggrieved by social network misusers. The site contains a questionnaire, researches and evaluations regarding the misuse of social networking and shares related most common problems. Incontent - virtuality vs reality problems, violation of user’s data protection rights, privacy and state surveillance, identity fraud, online strangers and social phishing issues are handled. The main point in this project is to give information in an impressive manner. To create a contrast with the ‘visual’ world of social networking sites, use of ‘virtual audio’ medium is preferred. Besides the written information the target audience can listen ‘virtual audio recordings’ which help them to form a picture of real cases from life regarding the results of faced problems.

Here are the screenshots from the website.

Main Page - Real Cases
Real Cases - Listening audio
Content Page
Content Page - Aim
Content Page - Researches
Research Flipbook
Questionnaire Results


The website is not yet published.  If you wonder you can listen the 3d sound recordings below (don't forget to put on your headphones and close your eyes.)