Savory Food Tracking App
Tracking your food to save you time and money.
Using an RFID reader to track the food items in your fridge, you'll always have an updated inventory of what's in your fridge, accessible through our mobile app. Be reminded of expiration dates, as well as ideas on what to make with what's currently in your fridge. Never over buy when you're out shopping because you aren't sure what ingredients you have at home. With our device, you can even input your own items including left overs, fruit, take out, etc.
My Contributions 
Savory is a team project with 5 developers, 3 designers, and 1 industrial designer. As design lead, I was responsible for the flowchart, tablet & desktop wires, as well as tablet & desktop visual comps. In addition I also contributed promotional posters, social media, and the final deck. We have the app working, tracking food, and the site is live.
Fridge / Pantry and RFID Reader
Within the Fridge is an RFID Reader which scans the fridge as it closes and updates the inventory the web app.
Smart Interactions
With Smart Suggestions always in hand, Savory prevents the user from getting take-out, going to the store, wasting money, and wasting food.
Life with Savory
When shopping, Savory knows what the user needs and what they don't. After shopping, Savory automatically scans the fridge / pantry and updates the inventory.
Log In
Basic log in screen.
Gives a quick overview of the user's fridge. Expiring items and suggestions are highlighted and pushed to the top.
Tracks what items are in the user's fridge, and prompts the user to use expiring food items before they go bad.
Recipe Details
Shows the full recipe, including ingredients, and any missing items. The user can add any items that are missing from their inventory to their shopping list.
Stores user's created and saved recipes. User can browse through saved recipes as well as add their own recipes. This accesses the inventory to check and see what the user has in the fridge, and the user can add any missing items to their shopping list from here.
Shopping List
Helps the user to only buy what they need. Validates the shopping list against the inventory to make sure that the user doesn't over buy food.
Suggests recipes based on the food in the user's fridge. "Make Now" indicates what the user can make with what's currently in their fridge. "Make +1" shows what they can make with a few additional items.
The user can search for recipes at any point by typing in key words or ingredients into the search bar.
Team members from left to right: colin, orlando, evan, graydon, erica, brit, kyle, ben, ryan.
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Full project and process work:
Savory Food Tracking App

Savory Food Tracking App

Savory tracks your food to save you time and money. Using an RFID reader to track the food items in your fridge, you'll always have an updated i Read More

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