Visual identity of architect Finn Utengen (2011)
Finn Utengen is a norwegian architect who runs a small architectural practice from his home in Stange. The practice was established in 1980, and has included projects in regional planning, housing, schools, commercial buildings, agriculture, rehabilitation, etc. 

The visual concept of the architectural practice is based on a simplistic design, however, with inspiration from architectural and construction prints. The logo is a cube representing the first "brick" needed to make
a building, which is the architect. The initials of Finn Utengen makes up the framework for the cube or "brick". 
   All the printed materials are made out templates placed on one A2 "architects" blueprint. This gives all the printed materials a clean front while on the inside the viewer gets an insight of how that particular print was constructed. Just like architecture.
    This also gives Finn Utengen the privilege of making all the printed material at home. The A2 is predesigned, and all that is needes is a printer (A2 printer that is) and a knife. No glue is used, and therefor all the prints can be recycled. 

All the printed materials are cut out and assembled from the A2 sheet.
The architectural blueprints gives inspiration to the lines and forms. They works as templates as well giving the visual feeling of an architectural construction.
No glue is used. All that is need is the A2 sheet, a printer and a knife.
Business cards. Stickers from the predesigned sticker template, is used to decorate or seal the cutouts.
Cd cover with an easy lock mechanism.
Paper folder with a pocket for the business card.
Paper cover with locks to attach the papers.
The paper locks is cut out and attached at the back of the paper cover. Making them suitable for holding a solid bunch of paper.
Sticker for organizing the architect prints.
A practical design manual with guidelines for the visual identity.
Overview of the printed materials.