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Palladium Pallatower

Pallatower : New collection 
of Palladium shoes

Collaboration with Palladium to create a video promoting their latest collection,
the Pallatower. These women's shoes blend retro simplicity with a sporty touch,
featuring a thick sole inspired by the iconic Revolt collection.

The concept behind the video was to showcase the unique platform sole of the new
range by depicting the shoes in the clouds. This visual representation evokes feelings
of elevation, freedom, and empowerment, aligning with the message of female empowerment.

3D Design + Animation : Fabien Clément
Hero Asset Modeling, Texturing & Surfacing : Lucas Layeul

Palladium Pallatower

Palladium Pallatower

Experience Palladium's latest collection of women's shoes, the Pallatower range. Retro simplicity meets sporty style with a unique thick sole ins Read More