The Kid '14

As a cultural belief in some countries it is believen that dead people are waiting for their family, friends and for the people they loved until those people are dead; to be able to meet with them again. With the concept of the cultural beliefs and personal taboos, I simulated -a fiction character- a sculpture of my own brother who was never growing up to the age but would have been at the age if could. With the fact of not knowing how he would look like and how he would be like; the sculpture becomes a 'personal brother' in order to the way of creating totally custom look. With this new existence the ghost is given a visible and tangible, non useful body; which is only allowed to be, to wait or have a sight from the place wherever it is placed to be. The dilemma which occurs between being tangible and being soulless eternal gives the sculpture another question of being there. The brother; who is believed to be waiting as a ghost, now stuck in between existence and non existence...And yet, still waiting. The kid who was not grown to be known enough and still not allowed to be himself.
The Kid