Excerpts from the Visual FX and Post-Production work I did for
the 2010 short film by Mert Erverdi
Memories From The Future is a short film by Huseyin Mert Erverdi. I created and composited the visual F/X and did the colour grading of the finished film. Also co-edited the film with Mert at later stages of production.

Initial development began in 2007 and the primary production took place in Ankara with most of the shots taken on-location in a decommissioned gasworks. I came aboard the project later in Istanbul beginning the initial visual effects work after the missing green screen shots were completed in a studio. V/FX work halted due to my move to London and was finalized here a while later along with the post-production. Meanwhile Michael Fakesch courteously took on the sound design in Rosenheim. The film was finalized in late summer 2010.

Memories From The Future is available for viewing online on its official website as of July 2011:


2007-2010; Ankara, Istanbul, London and Rosenheim
Opening Title Design
VFX Breakdown
The Lab Scene, Shot 1
Colour Grading