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    Jeff Castner has been a part of Marian University for nearly thirty years. During that time, he has cultivated many long lasting bonds with his c… Read More
    Jeff Castner has been a part of Marian University for nearly thirty years. During that time, he has cultivated many long lasting bonds with his colleagues, and the people who make up the Marian community. As the Assistant Director of Operations, Jeff Castner looks forward to continuing his professional career at Marian University, and expects that it will be a fruitful one for many years to come. Read Less
Jeff Castner looks forward to Cincinnati Reds home games, and makes it to as many as he can fit into his schedule. The thrill of watching the Cincinnati Reds win is one of Jeff Castner’s favorite things.
Jeff Castner lives and works in Indianapolis, Indiana, and as such often enjoys making a trip to the downtown area to catch the Indianapolis Colts in action. Football is one of Jeff Castner’s passions.
Jeff Castner is an avid sports fan. He follows professional and college-level teams, and spends much of his free time at ballparks across the area, enjoying the live action of athletic competition.
Jeff Castner has developed a passion for the game of basketball. The Indiana Pacers have enjoyed much success over the past few years, and Jeff Castner tries to see as many of their home games as possible.
The Indianapolis Colts are one of Jeff Castner’s favorite teams. The addition of Andrew Luck to the team has generated a lot of excitement, and Jeff Castner is ready for an exciting and successful playoff run.
Jeff Castner enjoys the thrill of college basketball, and as a resident of Indiana, he feels it’s his duty to root for the Indiana Hoosiers, who have a long and storied basketball history.
Jeff Castner is excited by the Indianapolis Colts, and looks forward to the next NFL season with great anticipation. The Indianapolis Colts have a strong fan base, which includes devoted followers like Jeff Castner.
The Pacers have experienced steady improvement over the past few years, and Jeff Castner is excited about the possibilities for this years’ playoff run. Jeff Castner is forever a Pacers fan. 
The Hoosiers are a big part of basketball, and of Indiana. Jeff Castner is a part of the Hoosiers’ tradition, and is proud to wear the red and white in support of Hoosiers’ basketball.
The new major league baseball season is in full swing, and Jeff Castner is pulling for the Cincinnati Reds to make a run for the post-season. There is nothing better than Reds’ baseball for Jeff Castner.
Jeff Castner is a former star college baseball player from a local university. He was very successful while he was there. In 1986 Jeff threw a no hitter for his alma mater.
While Jeff Castner was playing Baseball for his local university, a school in Indianapolis Indiana, Jeff Compiled a 16-3 record. One of the games he won, in 1986, was a perfect game.
Jeff Castner, currently the Assistant Director of Operations for his employer a local university in Indianapolis, has spent his entire professional career with the school, and he is now closing in on 30 years with the school.
Jeff Castner, is a well-liked and respected Director at a local university, a school located in Indianapolis, Indiana.
Jeff Castner was an all-star baseball player in the mid 80’s while playing for his local university.
Jeff Castner is the Operations Director at a small local university, where he has worked for close to thirty years.