Brief: Naked Juice is a fruit juice and smoothie company that boasts lots of personality, yet lacks the appropriate packaging to show it. Repackage the existing range in a way that expresses their fun and vibrant nature.

By looking into the brand's history, I discovered that Naked Juice was created in 1983 by a man named Jimmy Rosenberg. Jimmy used to create the fruit drinks at his home and then sell them on the beaches of Santa Monica. I thought the imagery associated with the 80s was very fun and vibrant and presented an interesting way to approach the Naked rebrand.
The Range
I took inspiration from the colourful prints people wore during the 1980s. This led to me wrapping the Naked Juice bottles in 80s prints that show the flavour and the vibrancy of the fruit.
Bottle Details
The bottles are covered in fabric that can be peeled away to reveal the bottle underneath. The inside of the fabric has a label that says 'Made in Santa Monica Since 1983' to link back to the brand's origins.
On the back of the bottle, there is a pocket which holds a card that contains all of the nutritional information and ingredients. The information is sewn onto the card as if to appear on fabric.
Poster Campaign
I thought a simple campaign that played on the brand's name would be an effective way to show the fun and cheeky side to the brand. The idea of 'Getting Naked' is portrayed by having pieces of swimwear discarded on the beach. The 80s pattern on each of them links them to certain flavours in the range.
Campaign in Context
This would be a two page advert, where the first page shows the swimwear on the beach. When you turn the page you see the Naked Juice bottle; this ties the product to the initial advert.
Naked Juice