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    Hars is a duo show by the artists Ana Kun and Horatiu Christian, in Bucharest, Atelier 030202.
Hârş is my first duo show with Horaţiu Christian, in Bucharest, at Atelier 030202, from the 13th of March till the 8th of April, 2014.
Hârş is a collective performance based on the phrase Scratch and Win, where the visitors intervene over the gray paint covering the images. To the now actant viewer the scratching is a cathartic process which transforms art from intangible object into playful act. Denying the distance between the viewer and the object of art has the effect of liberating the artistic gesture, inducing a sense of complicity in the act of creation.
photos by Ovidiu Vuia
instaling the works and the presentation text
4 coated works by Horaţiu Christian, before the opening
my biggest work, Scratch and Win (Lemonade), fuly coated before the opening
at the opening, very exciting :)
My series, Scratch and Win (Lemonade), Art Dad, Smooch, Fan Girl and Purgatory Outlawed, compels the discovery to start from the details to the whole. They are playful games which, through the reduced visual field, create a sense of intimacy and makes the viewer partaker to the joke.
Artă Tată (Art Dad), 120x80cm, marker, ink on 2 pannel canvas, 2014
Fan Girl, 80x80cm, marker, acrylic on canvas, 2014
Pupă (Smooch), 80x80cm, marker, spray on canvas, 2014
Purgatoriu în afara legii (Purgatory Outlawed), 80x80cm, marker, acrylic on canvas, 2014
Răzuieşti şi Câştigi (Limonadă) (Scratch and Win, Lemonade), 240x160cm, marker, spray on 6 pannel canvas, 2014