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    My handmade business cards that I designed for use as a part of my class this semester.
This semester we were challenged to re-brand our selves as designers with an image that reflected us, and our goals as designers. My goal as a designer is to use my artistic abilities to make a positive impact in the world. So my goal was to create a card that introduced me as a creative designer, while at the same time, showed that there was something different about me and my work.
I started with the idea of using simple flat icons of all my "tools of the trade." I typically wear a bunch of different hats when solving a problem, and I wanted a design that showed that.
The next task was to make the card reflect the goal that I have of making a positive impact. So I decided that instead of having my cards printed by a printer, I would "go green" and use the chipboard from the backs of all my old sketchbooks and pads. I took the boards and cut them to size and rounded the corners.
I then took my designs and had stamps made and used them to get the artwork and information on the card. The stamping process mixed with the re-purposed pressboard gave me a unique look and texture for each card I produced. There isn't a "perfect" card, and no two have yet to come out identical. 
Thanks for looking!