Industrial Design


We have designed a seamless water purifier that reflects the trend of minimalistic kitchen interiors. The biggest feature of the product is its seamless design that hides all unnecessary elements. We have processed and assembled the edges of the surfaces diagonally to minimize the visibility of the parting lines.

Client    /   COWAY
Design  /   OFFOF
Date  /   2021

Water purifiers are most frequently viewed from the front. By applying various colors to the front side, a two-tone color 
collaboration can be achieved. This allows for customizable interior design to match the atmosphere of different places 
and interiors where the product is placed.
Placed the parting line on the corners of the product, which is invisible from any front or side view. We also emphasized 
seamlessness through proportional balance of basic shapes. The UI is arranged in a simple and functional way, with hot 
water on the left and cold water on the right.
The design language of placing a parting line on the corners of the product has also been applied to the button rubber. 
Rubber is embedded in the diagonally recessed surface for a clean finish. The details of the buttons that users use most 
frequently clearly convey the product's concept.
The water tray is designed to function even with a slightly sloped surface, departing from the traditional patterned design 
found in existing water tray of water purifiers. The design allows water to flow down at the minimum angle possible, and 
appears as a simple, flat surface under normal circumstances.

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