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    CD package design
Malina Brothers are an occasional band of three brothers plus a close friend. They play in their own regular bands but every Christmas they get together to play a concert for families and friends. These gatherings have attracted more and more audiences over time, so the Brothers have decided to play more shows and eventually they put a few songs on a record. They all share the same love for old traditional country & folk music which had been sung and played for generations by campfires in the woods. Sure it's not everyone’s taste but believe it or not, the gigs, even though rare and held at smaller venues, are always sold out and full of great atmosphere, fun and excellent musicianship.
The aim was to create a package, which  partially plays a cheap joke but also presents a solid photography and design. The title song is called Faster Horses (Rychlejsi kone) and that’s where the idea for the front cover came from -- cowboy boots are nicknamed 'kone' (horses) in Czech. Pixel Racing had the honor to design packaging for the first and most likely the last MB’s record whose above mentioned title song’s chorus goes like this:
“All you need is faster horses, younger women, older whiskey and more money.”