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May-Bee: A Tale of Two Worker Bees

MAY-BEE: A Tale of Two Worker Bees Crossing Paths is an original work conducted by William Casey Hicks, of the Graphic Information Technology Undergraduate/Graduate program at Arizona State University

Working under the guidance of Professor John Hentges and UGTA Zachary Bruner, I crafted this piece, drawing inspiration from Pixar's Cars, for the GIT 411 Online class for the Spring 2023 B semester. The goal of the animation is to provide lifelike quality to the two characters seen in the clip below, using the tools and techniques acquired throughout my academic career in the GIT program. 

In the traditional - Backwards to Forwards approach, I have listed the goals of the objective first, and the final result. Please enjoy the embedded YouTube link of the final animation below, as well as a web-friendly version of the model uploaded to Sketchfab and embedded within this page for your examination. 
Tools Used: 
Blender, Photoshop, Illustrator, Substance Painter, After Effects, Premiere Pro

Stock Assets used: 
Foliage:  Flamazilla - CgTrader
Buildings (Farm House, Barn), Trailer, Telephone Poles, Fence: L0poly - CgTrader
Buildings & Mountain: Aidan Tiruvan - CgTrader
HDRI (Skylight) - Polyhaven.com
Use the Model Inspector Icon 
(Orange arrow below indicating location on Viewer ABOVE
to examine the model. What can be viewed: traditional PBR maps, UV's, and wireframe. 
The Storyboard: Which I did NOT Follow. Are rules made to be broken? I think I broke every one of them!

I revitalized this story, taking an opposite approach to it. I found Kindness and a gentleness in the story that the board did not reveal to me. I decided to make the two worker bees, a likeness of one another in effort and diligences, helpful to one another. The story truly revealed itself to me!

Considering I had to create a story. I wanted to stay fairly loose, not holding myself to every decision made early on in the process. In the end, to my surprise, the project ended up being, and representing for that matter, something entirely different that what I intended it for. 
The Concept: Hand-drawn with Photoshop on iPad
May-Bee: A Tale of Two Worker Bees


May-Bee: A Tale of Two Worker Bees