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12 HOURS of a 24-hour-period is darkness.We spend the time mostly sitting at home, watching tv, eating andsleeping. But some people lives differently. They wake at dusk and fallasleep at dawn. Although we don’t see it, there is life, pulse, thingsgoing on during the hours of darkness. We want to capture that life,that feeling, those people.

In a journey through the Stockholm night we meet both those whoseprofession puts them there, but also those who are there for thespirit, the fellowship, the love. We meet happiness, frustration,surface, depth, bitterness and vision. There is tempo and derailing,there is reflective people portraits. There is the overall picture andthe details. The movie is youthful, but not a youth documentary. Thestyle wanders between documentary, music video and video art.

We want to create one of the most interesting Swedish documentariesfrom 2008. Both in the film and in the path towards the final cut.
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