RISO ART:新印刷艺术


RISO ART: 新印刷艺术


In recent years, Risograph, a printing method, has become increasingly popular among creative people. From its former niche printing range of school papers and hobbyist magazines to its current status as a loved printing type by independent, artists and studios around the world, Riso has caused a new printing trend. This book starts from the history of Riso, its development, and introduces its printing process in detail, the color chart, tools, and precautions, taking the reader step by step to experience Riso first hand. this book features a selection of popular design/printing studios and outstanding artists around the world, showing their wonderful creativity and excellent printing works.

Author: Vivian Toh, Jay Lim
Editor: Joann Chung
Copy Assistant: Wong Li Yin
Designers: Wu Yanting, Pan Yuhua
Translator: Lin Tao


RISO ART:新印刷艺术

RISO ART:新印刷艺术