Mercedes-Benz, the iconic world-class luxury automotive brand found itself with a unique set of problems that required a significant rethink of its offering. Facing stiff competition, sales were down and reports of poor quality products were tarnishing the brand's once untouchable reputation. To remedy this, numerous top-line global brand consultancies were approached to propose concepts aimed at refreshing and rejuvenating a troubled Mercedes-Benz. The concept shown here centres around a strategic idea of 'freedom' expressed in a dynamic self-organising system. Instead of a free space for only the brandmark of traditional brand identity management systems, each brand identity element is given its own free space area, symbolising the celebration and appreciation of individual freedoms. Appreciation and Partnership had been chosen as strategic ideas to guide the thinking about private and commercial vehicles, respectively. As part of a dynamic whole each brand identity element works together within the format and cascade from the top left hand corner of any given format. And, all the elements, each protected in their own space, are protected together in a larger free space area determined by the size of the brandmark and the edge of the format. This is the unprecedented concept we proposed to re-establish Mercedes-Benz as the automotive brand leader it once was.