Futureview Group | Brand Identity

We were contacted by ‘EnterFive’ to help Futureview Group create a strong, memorable brand identity to mark its 20 year existence in the financial services / stockbroking industry. Founded in 1993 and commenced operations in 1996, as the name states, it was a peep into the future, suggesting a clear 20/20 vision.

After nearly 20 years since inception, it has become a household name in the Nigerian investment banking industry. As the journey into the future commenced, the company amassed and retained a pool of valued employees and clients.

They wanted a minimal, classy and concise identity to portray the message, while taking on a conservative and captivating look.

Story Behind the Logo Mark

We decided to use a graph/chart icon, rotate 90° clockwise to form the letter ‘F’, conveying 
profit, future projections and progress. Combined with an outline circle to portray 'Globe/World', focusing on the Company’s Vision: ‘To be the #1 trusted choice for Investment Banking from Africa, to the world.’

Brand Materials

Thank You!

Futureview Group