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Chín Mùa
Chín Mùa
Chín Mùa is a store specializing in seasonal fruit bowls with carefully selected tropical fruits in Vietnam. In a tropical country like Vietnam, fruits are famous for their exceptional fragrance and flavor due to the native soil and the experience of farmers. Chín Mùa delivers fresh dishes that are good for your physical and mental health. In particular, the ingredients are seasonal ripe fruits of the Mekong Delta. In addition, honoring Vietnamese fruit specialties and supporting sustainability for the ecosystem of animals and plants in the orchard are also the concerns of Chín Mùa.

From the core ingredients, we came up with the name Chín Mùa which means the season of ripe fruits. The inspiration for the logotype of Chín Mùa came from fruit-bearing branches interlocking the phonetic part of the characters and the combination of the image of heavy fruits and leaves at the characters such as 'i' and 'u'.
During the research on the local culture of the Mekong Delta, we discovered how people choose delicious fruits. The way that they have passed on to generations. Someone once said: 'Eat fruits that are picked by birds', and the method is in those words. The fruit-trees with the marks of birds or other animals are always sweeter and more fragrant than others. This method draws a beautiful picture of the bond between gardeners, creatures, and plants in the orchard ecosystem. Therefore, we decided to choose this inspiration as the main idea for the entire brand identity of Chín Mùa.
With the idea of 'Fruits picked by animals', we have created a system of animals interacting with the types of fruits they love to show the crucial connection in nature. It also implies the quality of specialty fruits because animals are more sensitive than humans, and they are reliable selectors. Images of hard-working and mischievous animals playing with giant fruits create a fascinating contrast, showing the plump, fresh, and abundant looks in ripe fruit seasons. These images are described through rough crayon strokes that depict the organicity of fruits and evoke meticulousness and gardening labor jobs.
Additionally, while forming and researching on the life of fruit orchards, we realized that orchards in the Mekong Delta are being sprayed with pesticides, which harms the health of plants, animals in the ecosystem, and the human health. Therefore, the implements for Chín Mùa brand identity is also how we encourage the farmers. In a continuous effort, they nurture valuable fruit species in parallel with protecting the plant and animal ecosystem of the orchard.

Overall, the vision for designing our brand identity is fresh, approachable, and sustainable. Not only does Chín Mùa bring delicious seasonal fruits closer to consumers, but we also aim to evoke people's gratitude for the natural ecosystem where creates sweet fruits for them to enjoy.
Client: Chín Mùa
Art Direction: Minh Thống
Illustration & Motion: Vân Vân
Graphic design: Minh Thống
Location: Sài Gòn, Việt Nam
Year: 2022
Chín Mùa

Chín Mùa

Chín Mùa is a store specializing in seasonal fruit bowls with carefully selected tropical fruits in Vietnam. In a tropical country like Vietnam, Read More