Caribou Antia - Sit on top Kayak

CARIBOU ANTIA | Transport Design | 2023

Caribou Antia is a new generation of sit-on-top kayaks, inspired by the picturesque landscapes of the Suwalszczyzna region, also known as the Black Hancza (Antia in Sudavian). This area was once inhabited by the Sudavians, who perfectly mastered the art of boat building while living in harmony with nature.

1. We have been working with KayakZone for more than half a decade. Together we created the Caribou brand and launched the Adventure model, which is cruising in the thousands on rivers and lakes across all Europe.
2. Antia is the third most technically advanced model in Caribou lineup due to its groundbreaking sit-on-top hull design and a range of extra features.
3. Kayakers, customers and distributors participated in the development of the design obejctives. The information obtained set the goal of developing a kayak with the highest level of safety while maintaining excellent nautical characteristics.
4. The entire project, including the construction of the production facility, was carried out thanks to financial support obtained from European Union funds. The process of completion of this grant took place in Q2 2023.


1. We started the project by creating three different nautical variants, then tested on mock-ups. This step allowed us to choose a solution combining the best steering and stability with minimal water resistance.
2. Through numerous tests and studies of 1:1 models on open water, we were able to adjust all the planned nautical features.
3. In the next steps, we focused on styling the deck and developing the details, verifying them on the go in virtual reality (VR).
4. During the design process, we put special emphasis on durability so as to extend the life of the product. We aimed to create a reliable and comfortable kayak that will enable families to enjoy nature, and its longevity will contribute to reducing environmental impact.


1. Antia is the next generation of sit-on-top kayaks with unique characteristics. Its official launch was held at The Paddle Sport Show 2023 in France.
2. Our role included comprehensive development of the design project, implementation and activities directly related to building the identity of the product i.e. naming, branding, CMF, photorealistic rendering and sales catalogs.
3. One of the innovations we have developed is the T-Track system – dedicated deck stiffening profiles, with the additional feature of mounting accessories.
4. We have developed a system of ergonomic seats with an intuitive backrest adjustment system, based on mock-up tests and the latest anthropometric data.

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Caribou Antia - Sit on top Kayak

Caribou Antia - Sit on top Kayak

Caribou Antia is a new generation of sit-on-top kayaks, inspired by the picturesque landscapes of the Suwalszczyzna region, also known as the Bla Read More