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i Mock Up Super Pack
57 Different Device Render.
All brand new Apple© devices, modeled and rendered in huge high quality. These files in 300 dpi and pixel perfect image sizes. Any device designed same with real sizes and real screen resolutions. For retina devices, screen replacement ready for retina screenshots. Also there are Safari and Chrome browsers mock ups. To help you when creating a unique presentation, there are helper elements like; magic mouse, keyboard, Mac Book back shot. All devices separated PSD files. And also fully layered shadows and screen reflections. When you get this package you can present your work in any device and screen position to client. As you know creating something very important but presenting it to your client more important than making. I Mock Up Super Pack will be your lifetime friend when creating amazing showcases.
22 Ready Made Showcases.
If you have no time or lazy. There are ready made showcases to speed up your work. This folder created for any combinations of devices. There are 22 piece of presentation. Sure one of them very convenient for you. Also all of them layered. With just moving, scaling or rotating them you can create better than my ready mades. Also there is a background layer. This is for changing color and general shadow. Just pick your color and finish your job in seconds. These are ready to go but you can drop a different device into them. I hope you will enjoy when playing with your job on Apple devices screens.
Drag&Drop Showcase Generators.
Maybe the best thing about this package. There are two generator PSD files. One of them “Simple Showcase Generator” and one of them “Studio Showcase Generator”. Simple one has a background and a shadow. But the “Studio” is amazing. You can drag&drop into Photoshop any device. After replace your screen in seconds you have amazing options. You can make your own ground texture and you can make your own environment. With light setups you can create a photorealistic scene as you want. If you watched the demo video you may see it. Drag&drop feature amazing for selecting from folder and just drop into Photoshop. You will just decide which device and which angle want to use and drop into showcase generator. If you like creating you own unique presentation this is for you.
All In One PSD File.
This PSD file let you to see all devices and browsers together. There are very well labeled groups. You will just hide/unhide layers and select your favorite devices. After that you can move, scale or make anything to them. Because they are fully layered. This feature for comparing your screenshots how it is looking when some of them together. Also all devices have their own special screens. If you have more screenshots for same devices, this is great to play with them in just one scene. Sure you will pray,  these devices were on your table all together.
Amazing Details.
As i said before, all devices rendered in huge pixels. You can even use them for print works. They are all in 300 dpi. Perfect  sharp, and clean. Materials and general appearance exactly the same with original Apple devices. Pure reflections and really photorealistic seem. Quality close to Apple original ads. But i think the most important thing about them is they are all unique shots. Never seen before and not copy from any standard ad. I could make a Google search and find high resolution images. But when you look closer you will see keyboards or unique reflections. It’s easy to create same gradient with standard Apple commercials but i could NOT find a render like mine renders to copy.
Say No To Layer Chaos.
When you use ready made showcases or generators. You will see just one smart object layer for each devices. If you have 4 device on your scene there are just 4 layers + background creator layer. So moving, scaling, rotating or applying any effect to them very easy. For example you can easily make a blur effect to a devices and you get a perspective effect. What else, your presentation your choice but say no to layers.
Same Dimensions With Real Life.
When put all devices together, their dimensions same as actual dimensions. You can test with a measure. Sure if you have all these devices and if you are rich. You will never have a problem when creating realistic and reasonable presentations. Also you will not waste time with scaling them.
10 Free Showcases;
i Mock Up Super Pack

i Mock Up Super Pack

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