Selfies are made all over the world. These self portraits are a trend that even made it into one of the worlds most popular video games. GTA V implemented a function to take selfies ingame. In context of our Selfiesemiar at Merz-Akadmie we somehow reached a point where we talked about selfies as a kind of signature to proof that you really have been at the place where the selfie was taken or to proof that you have been with some special other person. In the end we decided to take a daytrip to a place many people know even if it doesn't really excist. So we went off to Los Santos. Enjoying a day with the three main characters of GTA V. To proof, that we have really been there we took some selfies.
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This is our arrival at Los Santos airport and this is where it all started. The first thing we had to do? Take a selfie...
Franklin picked us up. Very nice of him. We wanted to paint the s*** so he ordered a strechlimousine to get a good start for our trip.
Jannik never took a ride in a limousine so he wanted to capture this moment by himself.
Franklin took us to his place. It was a very long flight so some of us became tired and also got a little jetlag.
The weather was great in Los Santos. So we decided to check out Franklin's pool and enjoyed the sun.
We didn't took this trip to only waste our time on a pool. So we went to the Beach.
Jetskiing was something we all wanted to do. Once except for Jannik. He was afraid his iPhone could get wet. 
Franklin had some plans for the evening so he met some contacts and...ah you know...
We saw this great pier near the Beach so we wanted to take a ride on the rollercoaster and throw out our money for totally overpriced souveniers.
At midday we met Michael. He invited us to his boat for lunch. Yeah we came a little late...anyway sorry for this Michael.
After lunch we took a little journey with Michaels boat to see a different side of Los Santos.
This time Toby was the one that wanted to capture this special moment.
Another highlight of our trip was a flight with Michael's helicopter. We wanted to play some golf and also wanted to show up befitting at the golfcourse.
Unfortunately this game ended up sooner as we expected. Well not everyone is a good loser.
So to meet our third friend Trevor, we decided to do something crazy. Although this is not the usual way to travel in Los Santos it is one of the fastest.
Trevor fetched us at a small airport somewhere in the outback of Los Santos but he was already drunk. Sooo...
...Jannik played a trick on him an took his car keys. I guess Trevor was the only one who didn't laughed about this. 
After we made it to Trevor's... well let's call it house... we began to prepare for our trip through Los Santos nightlife. Yeah at this time we all went a little drunk...
A little tipsy we went of to the check Los Santo's nightlife.
Unfortunately we didn't make it into any of the clubs we wanted. I still have no idea why...
Alcohol produced one or two bad ideas but Pablo now has a very unique memory of that night.
Jannik was very impressed by the acrobatic performances of some dancers.
Meanwhile Pablo claimed the stage for his very own performance.
Well this was one of the last things we remembered so afterwards we could say: We got wasted!
GTA V Selfies