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first part of my next steampunk characters projects.hope you will like it =)
hi Behancers!some of you may already know that i'm french,so please excuse my poor english.
i was really surprised about all the people asking me how i do it ,so here it is.
all my designs are made with a maximum of  8 colors to be printed easily.
I'm a beginner with photoshop;i have learned by myself(started 3 years ago) so maybe the way i do my designs  will seem strange to you.
even if it's not the good way  sometimes it works ...
i use photoshop cs4,in french that's why i don't know  the names of all  the tools and others but i'm sure that the screenshots will help you to understand what i mean.

title : "looking for the great great grandfather"
first scan your design in a res 300ppp (mine is done quickly with classic pencil) then open it with photoshop ,use the levels of black and push the left cursor to 140 (less or more  you see how it looks)
your paper looks really dirty now with littles points of every colors everywhere .select color replacement (use the +) and push the light cursor at the  maximum.select what you want in white .you picture is now only on black and white
select the background you want and paste your design on it
turn your design in soft grey(background and line)
first step to put the color with the color balance
use the color replacement to choose your colors easily
select the part you want add diferent colors wit hthe lasso tool
and one more
and one more
find something like this (sorry don't know how it 's called) select and after puting the color you need paste it on.
     as you can see i put this little points on many places on the design to do the shadows.now it's time to work with the graphic tablet,real drawing part ,we would be able to draw a lot of details ,cool!
for the smoke i paste it on white points,and then erase  little parts to draw it and put some pencil touches.
pencil part is here about 4/5hours =)
from here it was only with 5 colors(without the background color) so we can select part of the design lasso tools (+)  and turn  in one more color
and one more ;)
and work it again with the photoshop pencil to add details and/or textures,you can also use the balance color  or others color effects.
and that's it!
thnx for apreciate and/or comment,if you have a minute support this design here http://www.threadless.com/submission/350332/looking_for_the_greatgreatgrandfather/showmore,designs