GSMA Site: Homepage redesign
Adapting their refreshed branding, we redesigned the landing area and sections, to be clearer for a user to
understand what they do, and proposed fresh photography and graphic elements.

Project lead: Omar Bakhshi (founder) Goya Design Studio
Design & AD: Julie Featherstone (for Goya)
Prototyping: Christian Abbott (for Goya)  Build: GSMA in-house.

Above and below- colours fonts and shapes (using their new refreshed branding)
One of the initial ideas was to try photography that had a bright element of colour

Above: More colourful photography choices but with the element of people and phones included

Below: A bolder, more welcoming feeling about connections was needed to welcome users to the site.
Above: A 'Hero' video header panel to showcase their work via a little video piece, setting out clearly and swiftly, who they are and what they do.

The following were tests and ideas bringing lots of elements and options together into coherent large and small modules
and call-out boxes- tests, ideas and options...
Above: Desktop navigation ideas- deep clean and simple. Below, mobile nav ideas...
GSMA site refresh


GSMA site refresh