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Crazy colourful photography for website.
Huddle Formation Website Photography
If you're going to do something special, make sure it's fun.
When my partner Fiona and I started planning the website for our new creative studio, Huddle Formation, we knew the focus was going to be colour and fun.  And so the best welcome to the website would be us, full of colour, and having fun with the creative tools we love.  Together we built the props using photographic background paper, so they would match the backdrop on the photoshoot, the shoot then took one day and was followed by a few days working in Photoshop on adding the cross pattern (symbolizing positivity) and also adding our icons for the 'Who We Are' page on the site.
All the colour, fun, ideas and work has now come together and can be enjoyed (along with our full portfolio) on!
The final photo, as it appears on the homepage
The Huddle Pencil, one of our favourite props!
No creative studio is complete without music.
The raw photos we used from the shoot to produce the final images.
Our own original graphic icons, used instead of bio text, to tell the story of Who We Are.
Fi's icons.
Ben's icons.
The final artwork, as it appears on the Who We Are page.
Individual shots from the photoshoot.
Some of our prop collection.