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    My series of the more recent chapter form depthcore
Obsolete Series
Depthcore chapters Obsolete
New chapter from Depthcore "OBSOLETE"
Where and participatNew chapter from Depthcore "OBSOLETE"

OBSOLETE'. A perfect Chapter theme across many fronts. On the most obvious level, it is a dense subject, open to artistic interpretation in many ways. Our members used the Chapter as a platform to examine the chronological relevancy of topics ranging from the environment to humanity to technology, and made artwork across a timeline encompassing past, future and present to show the effects of decay and progress of the relationship between these prime entities. It's release coincides with our first major presentation at OFFF 2011, a festival coincidentally entitled 'Year Zero' that concerned itself with forgetting an obsolete past, in order to forge a new future. 'OBSOLETE' also marks our 42nd Chapter, and with it the end of the web medium having a stranglehold on our exhibitions, as we partner with deviantART to produce our first commercial publications.