The presidential candidates' biographies were incomplete on Wikipedia.


During presidential campaigns, candidates base their speeches on what captures most votes, leaving major issues aside.

Costa Rica is no exception. For the 2014 presidential campaign, none of the candidates included straightforward actions related to Child Protection in their government plans, that´s why, Paniamor, a foundation dedicated to child protection, decided to create a campaign to put pressure on the candidates.


1. We intervened the 5 most popular presidential candidates' biographies on Wikipedia.

2. We opened a chapter titled "Childhood Protection Policies", and left it blank, evidencing that none of them had any established towards that issue.
3. Through #incompletebios and the media, we viralized the action to push on candidates.
4. A few hours later, Wikipedia blocked the biographies,
but the whole country was already talking about it.


Over 15,000,000 impressions on social media.

Incomplete Bios / Bios Incompletas