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Museum De Lakenhal Brickwalls CGI

Once upon a time I've seen a photo of this building and I liked masonry pattern so much for some reason that i've decided to recreate it in 3D just for fun. 
I've been trying various techniques and software that was new to me during that project as I wasn't limited in time. So there is a whole bunch of procedural texturing, sculpting, painting, and even simulations(wasn't too succesful) as well as boring polygonal modeling and other default stuff.
Stone arc was modeled in low-poly, after that I've imported it into Zbrush, sculpted to achieve desired level of detalization, baked and hand painted it in Substance 3D Painter.
Most of the brick textures was made fully procedurally with the help of Adobe Substance 3D Designer. For that purpose I've built an absolute abomination of a material with so many nodes and controllers that it's not possible to screenshot it properly with the native Substance screenshot function.
Brick patterns for the center facade were built in Railclone Pro. The bricks itself on that part was textured with the help of assets from Petersen Tegl site, slightly adjusted(upscaling and generating normal, height maps, etc) and sliced to be used with Corona Multi Map.
Most tricky parts were to make all those brickwalls corners where the different bonds collide. I have to admit that there is some cheating with clone stamping on post production stage in some parts of the left building, but mostly it's done via custom textures, unwrapping and masking. Thanks god, materials are procedural, so it was possible to maintain consistency across all of the instances.
I didn't plan to make any closeups initially, but at some point I thought why not, as there was some potential for a couple of decent shots even considering very limited amount of assets involved.
This sculpture is a bit clunky as it wasn't supposed to be focused on and was made in a couple of hours or so, but the shot itself is somehow appealing to me so i've put it here anyway.
Thanks for watching!
Museum De Lakenhal Brickwalls CGI